Rules & Regulations

  1. Klipkrans does not accept any responsibility for using the facilities, whether as invitee or otherwise for any injuries, harm, losses of whatsoever nature, or other damages suffered while visiting or occupying the facilities of Klipkrans.
  2. Occupants and visitors acknowledge that the facilities and the use thereof includes inherent risks, which risks could include injury, disease or death. All facilities will be used at own risk.
  3. Occupants and visitors agree that Klipkrans, its members and employees shall not be responsible for any injuries, harm, losses of whatsoever nature, or other damages suffered and indemnify Klipkrans, its members and employees against any such responsibility and liability of whatsoever nature.
  4. Visitors to Klipkrans should please arrive from 13:00 on the arrival date and please departure before 10h00. Alternative times may be arranged
  5. Under no circumstances will more than 8 people and or 2 vehicles be allowed per campsite. Please arrange with management regarding visitors, which will be limited to 4 people per visit per camping site.
  6. Visitors will be held accountable for any breakage or losses of items or structures.
  8. Please take your fellow campers into consideration.
  9. Please note that the water from the river as well as the tap water is not suitable for drinking.
  10. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied by adults to the ablution facilities.
  11. Consider the safety of small children. Parents will be held responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children.
  12. Please use the designated braai facilities. Never leave fires unattended. A fire extinguisher is available at the kiosk. (in case of Emergency).
  1. All wild animals are protected and should be considered dangerous. No Feeding of the animals allowed.
  2. Please respect our environment and take care not to harm any plants or damage any fences.
  3. Do not waste any water or electricity.
  4. Keep to the speed limit of 20km/h. Normal traffic rules apply.
  5. Please ensure that your campsite and ablution facilities be kept neat and clean at all times. Please make use of the rubbish bins. Additional black bags are available at the kiosk.
  6. 50% deposit will be payable with reservation. Full stay value must be paid before arrival.
  7. Cancelation Policy:
    - 14 or less days before arrival, the full deposit will be forfeited
    - 15-30 days before arrival, 50% of the deposit will be forfeited
    - An administration fee of R100 will be charged with all refunds.
    - Klipkrans may request a certificate to consider a refund in the case of illness and/or death.
  8. Basic items will be available at the kiosk. We rely on your honesty.